Tilley - TWC09 Dakota - Black - SALE - REDUCED FROM £70 to £45!!

Tilley - TWC09 Dakota - Black - SALE - REDUCED FROM £70 to £45!!

Brand: Tilley
Code: U22024
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Material: 100% Cotton
Colour: Black

The true wax finish of the Dakota Hat helps to keep the elements off while developing its own character over time and use, leaving your unique history built into the fabric itself.  

Look forward to:

  • Staying dry - the water-repellent waxed finish keeps off the rain

Additional Features:

  • Guaranteed for life - Must Register your hat within 90 days of purchase at www.tilley.com
  • Brim wire for extra stability in windy conditions
  • Hydrofil® sweatband to wick moisture away
  • Grommets for extra ventilation
  • Keep valuables safe in the secret pocket
  • Made in Canada

Brim size: 2 3/8” all around 
Weight: 5.6 oz/ 159 grams solids; 3.2 oz/ 91 grams for plaids 
Fabric: 100% cotton - 14 oz. for solids; 8 oz. for plaids 
Care: Spot clean with a damp cloth or soft scrub brush. Do not dry clean of use detergent. TEXWAX refinishing ointment, left to absorb, will restore wax finish 

What is the Tilley® Hat Guarantee? If your hat wears out due to: • normal wear & tear • poor workmanship • faulty material, Tilley will repair or replace your hat. Learn more about your Tilley® Hat Guarantee on their website www.tilley.com.