100% Cashmere Scarf - Purple 5 Square Check

100% Cashmere Scarf - Purple 5 Square Check

Brand: Kiltane
Code: A22140
Stock: 1 in stock
Width: 25 cm
Length: 160 cm
Material: 100% Cashmere
Colour: Purple 5 Square Check

Crafted from super-soft 100% pure cashmere, our Kiltane of Scotland range of check scarves with classic fringed hems are the perfect accessory for every season.

Combed from the soft underbelly of the Capra Hircus Cashmere goat, it is ethically and ecologically sourced; collected by hand and then further combed. This luxury cashmere fibre is the very best quality for the Kiltane products, who certify that these scarves are 100% Pure Cashmere.


  • Length - 160cm / Width - 25cm
  • 100% Pure Cashmere
  • Dry clean only


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